Understanding the massive value of e-mail marketing

Good news for you: Most of your competitors are probably not taking the true value of e-mails seriously. Let’s begin to understand the very real and massive power of large scale e-mail marketing.

It can be hard to comprehend. What is really the value of buying a large database of e-mails from a group of people, who have said yes to be contacted by you?

The answer: A LOT, but …

… you have to understand  that:

  • Only 10-20 % of the people in the database will probably convert for you. The number depends a lot on your offer and skills in contacting people in a way that makes them engage. Probably 80 percent of the database will be wasted and can be deleted (or washed) out of your list within the first 3-6 months.
  • Frequency is the key to success with e-mails. Most acquisitions of e-mail databases will be earned back after the first 5-10 send campaigns. Sometimes even just after the first mail. The key is: Don’t be too intrusive. Mail weekly or two times per week to be on the safe side. Are you contacting people more aggressively (like daily), you probably will burn the quality of your list faster and force you to expensive new purchases of e-mail databases
  • Getting the right e-mail campaign creation and delivery system to secure that you can easily 1) create your campaigns fast and beautifully 2) deliver the mails right in the inbox of ALL of you base 3) monitor the results.  The most important thing however is that your system need to be able to import large scale databases. We always promote Ubivox.com over MailChimp.com, Aweber.com Campaignmonitor.com or the other systems. That is because Ubivox.com is the expert of large scale imported emails. Get in touch with us to learn more about Ubivox.com. We do give our costumers a better price on buying e-mail databases if the costumer at the same time sign up for Ubivox.com though us (we get a small commission that allows us to lower the prices on e-mail database purchases. Smart business for everyone). Even without our offer, Ubivox’ price level i fully compatible with all other main systems.
  • Prepare for both love and hate. There will always be some people that ‘forget’ the permission they have given and spam mark you mails or even complain to your support. We always encourage to take all people very seriously that approach you with complains. Answer and delete them from your database right away. If support is a time consuming issue for you – you should set up a professional support. You can easily hire a good online supporter in the Philippines for $250-280 per month full time using for instance www.onlinejobs.ph speaking and writing excellent English.