Data for telemarketing

Data for telemarketing

Get targeted information for telemarketing with direct reference to the sweepstake where the data was collected for the phoner to use if needed.

As a UAB “Permission Forge” telemarketing Client, we make sure that leads are not contacted too often to avoid negative reactions.

As a telemarketer we are aware that segmentation is key because of the relatively high cost of running a call center. Having a poor quality of leads is costly!

Therefore we always are in a dialogue to segment leads right. A female fashion magazine publisher would be more interested in talking with females 18-35, maybe even solely living in a city with +100,000 inhabitants. We help identify your target group and balance price per lead accordingly.

Basic data is: Full name, phone number, year of birth and postal code.

Client specific data is: Up to 5 custom questions.

Contact you sales representative to learn more about data for telemarketing.