Power of Permissions

Unlocking the power of permission based emails is easy with Permission Forge.
On this page we will give you just what you need to know.

1Segment or not?

At Permission Forge you can buy access to segments such as women between 2030 years of age living in a specific city. Even though very specific targeting definitely works very well for some companies, it comes with a higher price tag than going for a broader base.

We always encourage our customers to test out what works best by starting to buy a larger broad base and a smaller segmented base. In your email system you can simply test the performance of the two bases against each other. And let the best one win. Often the broader base is the best buy even though the conversion rate is a bit lower. The customer is not always who you think it is.

Performance of emails time, frequency and offering is key


To measure performance of email databases you need to look at a some key elements that will put you in a position to analyze your email business. What is the open rate, click rate and conversion rate of the emails you send? But even with poor results on these three KPI’s emails can be a very lucrative business.

It all comes down to frequency and offering. If your offering is good enough for sending out a daily email to your whole database, even a conversion rate of 1 % will soon become a lot of conversions. Therefore time before you get full return of investment should always be a key for you when buying email permissions through Permission Forge.

If you analyze your database after for instance a year, you will probably see that 5-10 % of the people in you database give you +80 % of your revenue from email. This is not a problem. In fact, it’s totally normal. It’s impossible only to target the 5-10% that will turn golden. These golden emails only come forward when you present them with your offering.

Data deterioration of email databases

Deterioration is something that all business suffer from. Even the most well run ones. Customers do come and go. It’s a fact of nature. So is it for email databases as well. But there are things you can do to slow down the deterioration of the data.

– Always aim to offer quality. People should be happy to see your mail pop up in their email boxes.