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 So you are looking for buying you an e-mails database that can get you results? Permission Forge has the right solution for delivering you what you are looking for.

Using Permission Forge as a partner in your permission strategy has several advantages instead of solely running your permission collection yourself. 6

  1. We have VERY compatible prices. Believe us – you will be happily surprised!
  2. We don’t just deliver e-mails – you always get access to all data such as name, surname, city, sex and more. This give you valuable segmentation possibilities.
  3. Permission Forge offers a lot of follow-up tips so you get most out of your purchase (and we can keep you as a happy returning customer. We can even assist you with choosing the right e-mail delivery and creation system, that will get your mails directly to the inboxes of your future customers and prospects.

You can get a quote on the cost for getting the data on your segment from our customer consultant. He will help you to choose the right target group and give you an estimation of delivery.