E-mail marketing campaign & “hot leads” collection

E-mail marketing campaign & “hot leads” collection

For a relatively low CPM price you get your message across to a proportion of people in your segment that UAB “Permission Forge” have extensive data on. In the campaign the person who receives the email will be informed that a single-permission will/can be handed over to the client when the link in the mail is clicked.

This strategy of general e-mail marketing campaign and permission gives access to the best of two worlds: Quantity in reach of people and quality in the leads collected.

The people that react, open the mail and click the link are more often truly interested in the offering. Therefore these leads have a much higher value than for instance general co-registration/co-sponsoring leads. Therefore we call this “hot leads”.

The “hot lead” 1) know the clients brand 2) have by clicking showed interest 3) have given a single permission to the client not shared with other clients.

Contact your sales representative to learn more about hot leads and CPM email campaigns.