Co-sponsoring / co-registration email leads

Co-sponsoring / co-registration email leads

Co-sponsoring/co-registration is the optimal tool to get high lead volumes at a low price. The leads are created by co-sponsoring a sweepstake/survey. All leads will be the property of each co-sponsor/co-registration client not to be shared/sold to his external clients*.

Basic data given to all sponsors is: Full name, e-mail, year of birth and postal code.

Co-sponsoring/co-registration leads are collected only with trusted clients that agree to participating in collecting leads in a large scale on on-going contracts. This is to protect the participants in the sweepstakes/surveys. As a quality and protection measure, we demand that our clients always send an opt out mail to leads. UAB “Permission Forge” can not discount the client for participants that opt out of the clients opt-out mail.

With UAB “Permission Forge”s quality and protection measures we also help protect the client’s brand from leads that regret handing over their permission to the client.

Client specific data is: Up to 5 custom questions.

The Client only pay for real leads, bounces and eventual doublettes are fully deducted in the price.